Chicago Blind Cleaning and Repair

Ultrasonic Cleaning

blind cleaning before and after
Ultrasonic blind cleaning is a special type of cleaning process that uses high frequency sound waves. Bubbles created during the cleaning process implode when they touch water. The tiny vibrations that occur during this process is what makes the blinds clean. When this process is combined with a good cleaning solution, dust, dirt, grime, bacteria, nicotine, and more is removed easily.

We can clean most blinds– Honeycomb, Silhouettes, Luminettes, Wood, Faux wood, Roller shades, Mini, Pleated shades, Roman shades, Duolite, Vertical.

We are not able to clean Graber/Bali Honeycomb blinds or any blackout Honeycomb.

Blinds are cleaned ultrasonically except for wood blinds which are done by hand.  The blinds are cleaned and then hung to dry.  Wood blinds are taken completely apart cleaned and put back together.

Blind Repair

blind repair before and after
We repair most brands and type if we can still get the parts (Record, Retape, tilters, Cord locks, loop cords, Clutch, and more). However, some blinds are just too old, or the manufacturer is no longer around.

Please note that although we repair most blinds, we don't repair motorized blinds.

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